Show Results for Kohr QH LLC on 05/27/16
at Camplex Arena, Gillette, WY

Open Friday Results
9:48 PM 05/28/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 1  
         Copyright (C) 2004-2014 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems         
                Producer: 1267 Kohr QH LLC, Show Date: 05/27/16                
                    Contact: Marshall or Lynn  307-680-5271                    
                        Location: Camplex, Gillette, WY                        
                          NWBRA Jackpot in Open Friday                      
Paying to  5 placings, Jackpot Total = $  2625.00, Rider count = 125        
     1D Time = 15.742, Placings = 12, Pool = $  787.50                      
     2D Time = 16.242, Placings = 21, Pool = $  708.75                      
     3D Time = 16.742, Placings = 29, Pool = $  603.75                      
     4D Time = 17.242, Placings = 20, Pool = $  525.00                      
                     Not Placed = 43                                        
                               1D Placings                                  
   1st 15.742 $259.88         Hannah Montey on HM Never Flying By Me        
   2nd 15.877 $212.63         Lora Nichols on Famous French Toast           
   3rd 16.009 $157.50         Brenda Walker on Smokin To Win KaChing        
   4th 16.040 $102.38         Taylor Nichols on Jodys Special Dream         
   5th 16.070 $ 55.13         Jennifer Hiler on Miss Prairie Fire           
   6th 16.103                 Ashlyn Goven on Cool Cashin Cheetah           
   7th 16.153                 Taylor Nichols on Roosters Ready Cash         
   8th 16.163                 Amber West on All Warm N Fuzzy                
   9th 16.207                 Katy Harper on Elvis Walks on Water           
Tie    16.207                 Kelle Thar on Romances Lil Louey              
  11th 16.225                 Cedar Kohr on Easy On The Fame                
  12th 16.230                 Jessie Fortner on Rosey Bouquet of Cash       
                               2D Placings                                  
   1st 16.255 $233.89         Jennifer Hiler on WK Flits Shinybow           
   2nd 16.287 $191.36         Chris Gibson on Jess Dashin Together          
   3rd 16.296 $141.75         Cedar Kohr on Bueno Frost Sugar               
   4th 16.297 $ 92.14         Dylan Thar on FG Irish Shananigans            
   5th 16.338 $ 49.61         Savannah Roberts on Native Rodeo              
   6th 16.351                 Aleeyah Roberts on Rocco's Dunnit Style       
   7th 16.354                 Jasmin Bustillos on Flicha                    
   8th 16.394                 Ashlyn Goven on Biz Charge                    
   9th 16.413                 Amber West on Streakin Wild Bug               
  10th 16.427                 Halle Hladky on Roxy                          
  11th 16.443                 Sheila Klatton on Smooth Bonnie Bar           
  12th 16.460                 Gloria Philp on CB Boogie Maves               
  13th 16.489                 Sage Kohr on SL Crusade For Cash              
  14th 16.490                 Sue Fortner on Dash of Secret Spice           
  15th 16.533                 Felesha Snider on Frostbidden Leo             
  16th 16.636                 Talli Engel on Sugars Streakin Gold           
  17th 16.671                 Stacy Dysart on Royal Quick Colours           
  18th 16.682                 Rose Hildebrandt on Wantastreakerrebate       
  19th 16.689                 Gloria Philp on Little Billie Bailey          
  20th 16.721                 Amber West on Proud Kinda Effort              
  21st 16.738                 Halle Hladky on Scruffy                       
                               3D Placings                                  
9:48 PM 05/28/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 2  
                          NWBRA Jackpot in Open Friday                      
   1st 16.759 $199.24         Tanya Jolovich on MDX Frosted Bully           
   2nd 16.784 $163.01         Karson Bradley on VF A Famous Lady            
   3rd 16.796 $120.75         Audra McCorkle on WK Lola                     
   4th 16.803 $ 78.49         Chelsey Welch on Hills Dash Buz               
   5th 16.808 $ 42.26         Brianna Bustillo on Cash For My Baby          
   6th 16.831                 Anna Rorison on Hot Shot Runner               
   7th 16.861                 Pam Nelson on JL Page Parfait                 
   8th 16.876                 Katy Harper on BA Lookin To Dash              
   9th 16.877                 Jordan Morman on Fame Ta Honor                
  10th 16.893                 Megan Belus on TL Blueboy Command             
  11th 16.901                 Kieley Walz on Firefighters Lineage           
  12th 16.916                 Aleeyah Roberts on I'm A Frosty Zipper        
  13th 16.941                 Sydney Jones on Miss Now Or Never             
  14th 16.959                 Ginger La Duke on Henry's Easy French         
  15th 16.994                 Maddie Eskew on Mac                           
  16th 16.998                 Madi Hansen on Global Roar                    
  17th 17.002                 Kayla Crider on Primos Fortune Teller         
  18th 17.033                 Katie Williams on Spike                       
  19th 17.034                 Rachel Bothwell on Easy Flica 0100            
  20th 17.036                 Madison Smith on JO True Spice                
  21st 17.039                 Amber Swan on Dandy Cat                       
  22nd 17.042                 De' Ann Gehlsen on Le Blue Streak             
  23rd 17.053                 Jordan Morman on Oaks Sister Cookie           
  24th 17.064                 Katie Williams on Frenchmans Bound            
  25th 17.076                 Kelly Caldwell on GG's Thunder                
  26th 17.086                 Lana Dacar on BI See Jayne Run                
  27th 17.121                 Deanna Levine on Outlaw Merry                 
  28th 17.155                 Janet Erickson on SD Smokin Warrior           
  29th 17.238                 Sydney Oedekoven on Cori                      
                               4D Placings                                  
   1st 17.270 $173.25         Taylor Dorbeck on Molly                       
   2nd 17.304 $141.75         Jessie Salter on Si Si Say I Wont             
   3rd 17.307 $105.00         Katy Harper on PF Litttle Sister              
   4th 17.350 $ 68.25         Caitlin Rittberger on Puddens Poco Lynx       
   5th 17.369 $ 36.75         Eliana Sheriff on Biebers Doc N Oak           
   6th 17.478                 Rachel Bothwell on CC Blue Olena              
   7th 17.488                 Rose Hildebrandt on PK Flashy Littleslip      
   8th 17.558                 Maddie Eskew on KC                            
   9th 17.754                 Kade Koltiska on Striking Smoke               
  10th 17.800                 Cami Bauer on Guys Dash of Latte              
  11th 17.954                 Miranda Niehoff on I Will Be                  
  12th 18.191                 Savannah Roberts on Marley                    
  13th 18.243                 Kade Koltiska on StrirkingonWhiskey           
  14th 18.336                 Natalia Schmidt on Terrorizing Bully          
  15th 18.604                 Deb Wuensch on Kidzgotpepnhizstep             
  16th 18.849                 Dee Haugen on Majestic Corona                 
  17th 19.574                 Anna Rorison on PeeWee                        
  18th 21.709                 Karen Johnston on Cash For CD's               
  19th 23.162                 Luke Robinson on Bugemforbud                  
9:48 PM 05/28/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 3  
                          NWBRA Jackpot in Open Friday                      
  20th 26.925                 Cash Johnson on Coats Eighty Bugs             
N/T    400.000                Cindy Mankin on Flitsrollofthunder            
N/T    400.000                Kieley Walz on Famous Rare Pie                
SCR    400.000                Cally Goyins on Should Ya Fire                
N/T    415.785                Annaliese Allhouse on Geniune Diamond Doc     
N/T    415.870                Sage Kohr on CLS Famous Pumpkin               
N/T    415.886                Jessica Lear on Strakin Sugar Socks           
N/T    416.060                Rose Hildebrandt on BHR Speedy Frost          
N/T    416.076                Joeni Lueders on Susie                        
N/T    416.294                Ginger La Duke on CC A Fancy Lil Chick        
N/T    416.303                Hannah Sharon on Arlee Roses                  
N/T    416.323                Misty McPherson on Look At Me Go Guys         
N/T    416.330                Ashlyn Goven on Lakota                        
N/T    416.351                Madison Smith on UB Peppy                     
N/T    416.358                Ashlyn Goven on Stings Little Lena            
N/T    416.369                Morgan Nelson on Blueberry                    
N/T    416.476                Margaret Jones on Famous Empress              
N/T    416.507                Ginger La Duke on StreakNFlash For Cash       
N/T    416.549                Ashley Day on Fiery Miss West                 
N/T    416.560                Sue Fortner on TimeToCashNGoGirl              
N/T    416.576                Lacey Luna on Beduino San Badger              
N/T    416.833                Stephanie Newman on Frenchmans Kid Rock       
N/T    416.855                Sarah Smith on Ernie                          
N/T    417.057                Talli Engel on EC Haulin Wranglers            
N/T    417.068                Heather Bauman on Came Upon Royalty           
N/T    417.355                Heather Bauman on TF Dusty Tivio              
N/T    417.710                Audra McCorkle on Mudslide                    
N/T    417.765                Chris Gibson on Miss Safechoice               
N/T    417.865                Joeni Lueders on Mimi                         
N/T    418.110                Annabelle Martin on Tally                     
N/T    418.171                Madison Smith on Take Me to The Mall          
N/T    418.413                Dee Haugen on Dashin For The Guys             
N/T    419.763                Fran McCoy on Lenas Smooth Bourbon            
N/T    421.185                Jessica Meredith on Jet Set Fame              
N/T    422.158                Kloe Nichols on Tuffy                         
N/T    422.257                Jenna Bush on KT Hollywood Jezabel            
N/T    422.470                Ashley Smallwood on Friendly Fury             
N/T    423.140                Danielle Oedekoven on Jettin West             
N/T    425.320                Jill Jarrad on Bullied On A Holiday           
N/T    425.635                Kayla Jones on Sadies Sassafras               
N/T    426.149                Haley Scheer on KN Kamikaze                   
N/T    427.705                Megan Belus on Docs Triple                    
N/T    431.347                Dee Haugen on Magnificent Style               
N/T    434.205                Kelly Caldwell on Baby