Show Results for Kohr QH LLC on 05/27/16
at Camplex Arena, Gillette, WY

Jr. Qualifying Friday Results
8:46 PM 05/27/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 1  
         Copyright (C) 2004-2014 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems         
                Producer: 1267 Kohr QH LLC, Show Date: 05/27/16                
                    Contact: Marshall or Lynn  307-680-5271                    
                        Location: Camplex, Gillette, WY                        
                  Jr. Qualify Jackpot in Jr. Qualifying Friday              
                    Race Sponsored by: Tres Rio Silver                      
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 11875.00, Rider count = 87         
     1D Time = 15.940, Placings = 21, Pool = $ 4156.25                      
     2D Time = 16.440, Placings = 20, Pool = $ 3562.50                      
     3D Time = 16.940, Placings = 11, Pool = $ 2375.00                      
     4D Time = 17.440, Placings = 13, Pool = $ 1781.25                      
                     Not Placed = 22                                        
                               1D Placings                                  
   1st 15.940 $1163.75             Morgan Nelson on Blueberry               
   2nd 15.983 $914.38              Trista Martinez on Seven Form            
   3rd 16.040 $748.13              Taylor Nichols on Jodys Special Dream    
   4th 16.062 $581.88              Sheyenne Jacobsen on JKR Dashs Best Jet  
   5th 16.103 $415.63              Ashlyn Goven on Cool Cashin Cheetah      
   6th 16.129 $332.50              Baylee Folmer on Casey's 1st Cheeta      
   7th 16.153                      Taylor Nichols on Roosters Ready Cash    
   8th 16.181                      Shaynna Cahoy on JTD Nik at Six          
   9th 16.195                      Larissa Rathbun on Snip                  
  10th 16.225                      Cedar Kohr on Easy On The Fame           
  11th 16.274                      Sheyenne Jacobsen on Mia Ground Hog      
  12th 16.296                      Cedar Kohr on Bueno Frost Sugar          
  13th 16.297                      Dylan Thar on FG Irish Shananigans       
  14th 16.308                      Jordyn McNamee on Stretch an Spank       
  15th 16.314                      Carsyn Hibbs on Daisy                    
  16th 16.338                      Savannah Roberts on Native Rodeo         
  17th 16.347                      Manchi Nace on Zips Shuttle Star         
  18th 16.351                      Aleeyah Roberts on Rocco's Dunnit Style  
  19th 16.354                      Karson Bradley on VF Stoned Eyes         
  20th 16.394                      Ashlyn Goven on Biz Charge               
  21st 16.427                      Halle Hladky on Roxy                     
                               2D Placings                                  
   1st 16.442 $997.50              Jasmyn Jensen on Ima Quick Nick          
   2nd 16.443 $783.75              Jordyn McNamee on RC                     
   3rd 16.446 $641.25              Danica Hoppman on Lonaker                
   4th 16.452 $498.75              Taylor Hanson on Frankies Baby Doll      
   5th 16.467 $356.25              Jasmin Bustillos on Flicha               
   6th 16.489 $285.00              Sage Kohr on SL Crusade For Cash         
   7th 16.490                      Mylee Welch on Trippin On Firewater      
   8th 16.551                      Carter Howell on Hearts Fire             
   9th 16.580                      Aleeyah Roberts on SRC Moon Snort        
  10th 16.596                      Shaynna Cahoy on Ben On A High           
  11th 16.607                      Carsyn Hibbs on Opie                     
  12th 16.636                      Talli Engel on Sugars Streakin Gold      
8:46 PM 05/27/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 2  
                  Jr. Qualify Jackpot in Jr. Qualifying Friday              
                    Race Sponsored by: Tres Rio Silver                      
  13th 16.738                      Halle Hladky on Scruffy                  
  14th 16.769                      Brylee Grubb on Booger Boy               
  15th 16.801                      Kaydin Davis on Junior                   
  16th 16.820                      Kamry Davis on Jag                       
  17th 16.859                      Landry Haugen on Dashs Rainie Rare       
  18th 16.877                      Jordan Morman on Fame Ta Honor           
  19th 16.901                      Kieley Walz on Firefighters Lineage      
  20th 16.915                      Bailey Benjamin on Easy Crimson Lady     
                               3D Placings                                  
   1st 16.941 $665.00              Sydney Jones on Miss Now Or Never        
   2nd 16.994 $522.50              Maddie Eskew on Mac                      
   3rd 17.036 $427.50              Madison Smith on JO True Spice           
   4th 17.053 $332.50              Jordan Morman on Oaks Sister Cookie      
   5th 17.090 $237.50              Shayda Lesmeister on Rocket              
   6th 17.164 $190.00              Brianna Bustillo on Cash For My Baby     
   7th 17.238                      Sydney Oedekoven on Cori                 
   8th 17.241                      Carter Howell on Dynamite Easy Lena      
   9th 17.270                      Taylor Dorbeck on Molly                  
  10th 17.280                      Rozlyn Herren on Elvis                   
  11th 17.282                      Delcy Grahm on Miss Royals Peppy         
                               4D Placings                                  
   1st 17.445 $498.75              Taylor Dorbeck on Sis                    
   2nd 17.446 $391.88              Katelyn Fisher on Dashin Til Six         
   3rd 17.546 $320.63              Anna Belle Van Meter on Flicka           
   4th 17.558 $249.38              Maddie Eskew on KC                       
   5th 17.646 $178.13              Shylynne Gonzalez on Be A Chiefton       
   6th 17.754 $142.50              Kade Koltiska on Striking Smoke          
   7th 18.048                      Shylynne Gonzalez on Brown Mare          
   8th 18.113                      Keira Lee Brady on Twyla                 
   9th 18.191                      Savannah Roberts on Marley               
  10th 18.243                      Kade Koltiska on StrirkingonWhiskey      
  11th 18.684                      Sydney Anderson on Libby                 
  12th 19.363                      Camille Gernhart on Amigo                
  13th 20.065                      Shylynne Gonzalez on PH Smashing Fuel    
N/T    415.785                     Annaliese Allhouse on Geniune Diamond Doc
N/T    415.870                     Sage Kohr on CLS Famous Pumpkin          
N/T    416.033                     Baylee Folmer on Whoetta                 
N/T    416.057                     Karson Bradley on VF Famous Floosie      
N/T    416.300                     Bree Vitek on Miss Wilkins               
N/T    416.330                     Ashlyn Goven on Lakota                   
N/T    416.336                     Shaylee Adamson on Rolling Stream        
N/T    416.351                     Madison Smith on UB Peppy                
N/T    416.358                     Ashlyn Goven on Stings Little Lena       
N/T    416.402                     Cheyanne Carl on Chili                   
N/T    416.451                     Annaliese Allhouse on Yo Fixers Rocket   
N/T    416.452                     Kieley Walz on Famous Rare Pie           
8:46 PM 05/27/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 3  
                  Jr. Qualify Jackpot in Jr. Qualifying Friday              
                    Race Sponsored by: Tres Rio Silver                      
N/T    416.458                     Annaliese Allhouse on Oprhan             
N/T    416.467                     Makayla Seely on Bogies Next Mission     
N/T    416.553                     Carter Howell on Mirth Dashes Off        
N/T    416.582                     Taylor Hanson on Speedin Ta Fame         
N/T    416.948                     Bree Vitek on Billy                      
N/T    417.386                     Tiersyn Grubb on Friday                  
N/T    417.664                     Brelan Maher on Layla                    
N/T    418.171                     Madison Smith on Take Me to The Mall     
N/T    419.473                     Shylynne Gonzalez on Coco                
N/T    423.140                     Danielle Oedekoven on Jettin West