Show Results for Kohr QH LLC on 05/27/16
at Camplex Arena, Gillette, WY

BRR Open Sunday Results
5:43 PM 05/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 1  
         Copyright (C) 2004-2014 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems         
                Producer: 1267 Kohr QH LLC, Show Date: 05/27/16                
                    Contact: Marshall or Lynn  307-680-5271                    
                        Location: Camplex, Gillette, WY                        
                        NWBRA Jackpot in BRR Open Sunday                    
                 Race Sponsored by: Barrel Racing Report                    
Paying to 10 placings, Jackpot Total = $  8032.90, Rider count = 197        
     1D Time = 15.584, Placings = 18, Pool = $ 2409.87                      
     2D Time = 16.084, Placings = 54, Pool = $ 2168.88                      
     3D Time = 16.584, Placings = 35, Pool = $ 1847.57                      
     4D Time = 17.084, Placings = 43, Pool = $ 1606.58                      
                     Not Placed = 47                                        
                               1D Placings                                  
   1st 15.584 $481.97         Sue Smith on Dashs Centerfold                 
   2nd 15.648 $433.78         Annaliese Allhouse on Bucket                  
   3rd 15.787 $361.48         Ashlyn Goven on Biz Charge                    
   4th 15.796 $301.23         Lainee Sampson on Flingin Sparks              
   5th 15.835 $240.99         Lacy Maher on Runnaboon                       
   6th 15.919 $192.79         Rose Hildebrandt on BHR Speedy Frost          
   7th 15.922 $144.59         Kayla Jones on KG Jet O A Go Go               
   8th 15.935 $ 96.39         Kelly Caldwell on A Whole Lotta Rae           
   9th 15.952 $ 84.35         De Ann McNamee on Colour Me Fast              
  10th 15.973 $ 72.30         Brenda Walker on Smokin To Win KaChing        
  11th 15.978                 De' Ann Gehlsen on Streakin Sonofagun         
Tie    15.978                 Luke Robinson on French Triggerman            
  13th 16.032                 Lonnie Farella on Miss N Chablis              
Tie    16.032                 Cally Goyins on Should Ya Fire                
  15th 16.037                 Jessie Fortner on Rosey Bouquet of Cash       
  16th 16.062                 Megan Belus on Docs Triple                    
  17th 16.068                 Lexi Hamm on Dun Got Charmed                  
  18th 16.070                 Wendy Suhn on HLH Streakin A Fling            
                               2D Placings                                  
   1st 16.121 $433.78         Lynn Kohr on SL Crusade For Cash              
   2nd 16.130 $390.40         Lynn Kohr on Bolting Ta Fame                  
   3rd 16.135 $325.33         Kloe Nichols on Tuffy                         
   4th 16.137 $271.11         Lynn Kohr on Dashingwithafrenchman            
   5th 16.139 $216.89         Haley Anderson on LadysALotLikeReno           
   6th 16.143 $173.51         Margaret Jones on Pay The Famous Lady         
   7th 16.147 $130.13         Mary Vroman on Main Speed Breaker             
   8th 16.148 $ 86.76         Chris Gibson on Jess Dashin Together          
   9th 16.155 $ 70.49         Stephanie Newman on Frenchmans Kid Rock       
Tie    16.155 $ 70.49         Charlene Murphy on Quitchuckingmywood         
  11th 16.159                 Taylor Nichols on Jodys Special Dream         
  12th 16.167                 Kelle Thar on Romances Lil Louey              
  13th 16.194                 Madison Smith on UB Peppy                     
  14th 16.200                 Melissa Brandt on Guys Smooth Jetta           
  15th 16.212                 Sonya Walz on Playing Firefighter             
5:43 PM 05/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 2  
                        NWBRA Jackpot in BRR Open Sunday                    
                 Race Sponsored by: Barrel Racing Report                    
  16th 16.222                 Taylor Nichols on Roosters Ready Cash         
  17th 16.252                 Ashlyn Goven on Lakota                        
  18th 16.257                 Sue Smith on Harvey                           
  19th 16.278                 Lorita Crofford on Frank Tango                
  20th 16.295                 Ginger La Duke on StreakNFlash For Cash       
  21st 16.310                 Lacy Maher on LM Nosey Doc                    
  22nd 16.315                 Margaret Jones on Famous Empress              
  23rd 16.319                 Amber West on Streakin Wild Bug               
  24th 16.355                 Sara Cheeney on Miss Mac N Fame               
  25th 16.359                 Amber West on Sheza Whiskey Chaser            
  26th 16.361                 Gloria Philp on Little Billie Bailey          
  27th 16.368                 Sonya Walz on InsaneForBrookstone             
  28th 16.388                 Chelsey Welch on Hills Dash Buz               
  29th 16.395                 Hope Sickler on SR My Honey Suckle            
  30th 16.402                 Cally Goyins on Takin French Cash             
  31st 16.413                 Sue Fortner on TimeToCashNGoGirl              
  32nd 16.415                 Jenna Humble on Flip N Hayday                 
  33rd 16.419                 Ashlyn Goven on Cool Cashin Cheetah           
  34th 16.422                 Ashley Day on Classy Bullet Girl              
  35th 16.424                 Haley Anderson on String Bikini Dream         
  36th 16.434                 Megan Belus on TL Blueboy Command             
  37th 16.444                 Cindy Mankin on Flitsrollofthunder            
  38th 16.447                 Pam Nelson on JL Page Parfait                 
  39th 16.454                 Sara Cheeney on SL Fire Up Cash               
  40th 16.465                 Samantha Flannery on Iknow Sheknows Iknow     
  41st 16.472                 Sydney Maher on Kalis Firewater               
  42nd 16.479                 Kelly Caldwell on Your Dashing                
  43rd 16.501                 Ashley Day on Fiery Miss West                 
  44th 16.504                 Lonnie Farella on A Smooth Time               
  45th 16.515                 Misty McPherson on Look At Me Go Guys         
  46th 16.521                 Samantha Flannery on Hot Winter Fling         
  47th 16.524                 Kayla Jones on Sadies Sassafras               
  48th 16.530                 Wendi Ruby on Im Diggin Picabo                
  49th 16.538                 Jordyn McNamee on Stretch an Spank            
  50th 16.556                 Dylan Thar on FG Irish Shananigans            
  51st 16.560                 Samantha Flannery on FL Nonstop Rosie         
  52nd 16.562                 Janet Erickson on SD Smokin Warrior           
  53rd 16.566                 Samantha Flannery on Plain and Famous         
  54th 16.576                 De' Ann Gehlsen on Le Blue Streak             
                               3D Placings                                  
   1st 16.588 $369.51         Ginger La Duke on Henry's Easy French         
   2nd 16.589 $332.56         Samantha Flannery on FL Get Your Game On      
   3rd 16.598 $277.14         Sara Cheeney on CEO My Kinda Diamond          
   4th 16.601 $230.95         Stacy Dysart on No Lion Cees Famous           
   5th 16.608 $184.76         Kieley Walz on Firefighters Lineage           
   6th 16.616 $147.81         Sarah Smith on Ernie                          
   7th 16.620 $110.85         Rebecca Gilley on JM French Tamale            
5:43 PM 05/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 3  
                        NWBRA Jackpot in BRR Open Sunday                    
                 Race Sponsored by: Barrel Racing Report                    
   8th 16.627 $ 73.90         De Ann McNamee on Sadies Lovein It            
   9th 16.629 $ 64.66         Felesha Snider on Frostbidden Leo             
  10th 16.642 $ 55.43         Hope Sickler on Hummin To Kill                
  11th 16.650                 Nicole Henry on Million Dollar Smile          
  12th 16.666                 Luke Robinson on LJR Famous ED                
  13th 16.673                 Audra McCorkle on WK Lola                     
  14th 16.697                 Deanna Levine on Outlaw Merry                 
  15th 16.718                 Kayla Crider on Primos Fortune Teller         
  16th 16.725                 Janessa Lange on Rockn Stretchn Rebel         
  17th 16.734                 Shirlee Kaczmarek on Hills Cash Jet           
  18th 16.740                 Cami Bauer on DL Miss Shawnee Bug             
  19th 16.748                 Tanner Pedersen on SheJustaPerfectImage       
  20th 16.755                 Dee Haugen on Magnificent Style               
  21st 16.780                 Amber West on Proud Kinda Effort              
  22nd 16.795                 Rebecca Gilley on TS Lucky Baby Babe          
  23rd 16.813                 Jordan Morman on Oaks Sister Cookie           
  24th 16.825                 Sydney Jones on Miss Now Or Never             
  25th 16.827                 Samantha Flannery on Tippin It Guys Way       
  26th 16.892                 Ryan Goodman on Nogota Scooter                
  27th 16.896                 Rose Hildebrandt on PK Flashy Littleslip      
  28th 16.905                 Shelby Peters on PC Cal Boonida Bar           
  29th 16.911                 Diana Mader on Peppy Mego                     
  30th 16.925                 Sydney Maher on Hot and Quick                 
  31st 16.932                 Gloria Philp on CB Boogie Maves               
  32nd 16.938                 Cami Bauer on Guys Dash of Latte              
  33rd 16.980                 Dee Haugen on Majestic Corona                 
  34th 16.988                 Maddie Eskew on Mac                           
  35th 17.026                 Stacey Thar on KR Whose Fancy Now             
                               4D Placings                                  
   1st 17.086 $321.32         Jessie Salter on Si Si Say I Wont             
   2nd 17.103 $289.18         Lori Hill on Look Out When I Get Out          
   3rd 17.105 $240.99         Luke Robinson on Bugemforbud                  
   4th 17.112 $200.82         Jordan Morman on Fame Ta Honor                
   5th 17.138 $160.66         Madison Smith on JO True Spice                
   6th 17.140 $128.53         Charlene Murphy on BugnMyCorona               
   7th 17.146 $ 96.39         Deb Strohschein on Cash For Cans              
   8th 17.163 $ 64.26         Lori Hill on He Comes A Packin                
   9th 17.185 $ 56.23         Tanner Pedersen on Poker Face Fame            
  10th 17.189 $ 24.10         Shelby Peters on PC Pay Me Twice              
Tie    17.189 $ 24.10         Miranda Niehoff on I Will Be                  
  12th 17.201         1462    Jaime Merrill on Firewater Blended            
  13th 17.280                 Cathy Mallery on Frosted French Image         
  14th 17.304                 Libi Susag on Summ Rollin Saphire             
  15th 17.350                 Jenna Bush on KT Hollywood Jezabel            
  16th 17.351                 Lori Robinson on Red Royal Meter              
  17th 17.377                 Kristin La Duke on Flipped On Henry           
  18th 17.398                 Kelli White on MM Beda Judge                  
5:43 PM 05/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 4  
                        NWBRA Jackpot in BRR Open Sunday                    
                 Race Sponsored by: Barrel Racing Report                    
  19th 17.401                 Kelle Thar on Royal Naya                      
  20th 17.442                 Samantha Gross on Roanie                      
  21st 17.537                 Dylan Thar on Poison Spider                   
  22nd 17.605                 Stephanie Newman on Oh So French              
  23rd 17.632                 Sonya Walz on I Rock This Game                
  24th 17.760                 Natalia Schmidt on Terrorizing Bully          
  25th 17.873                 Kami Ireland on DHR Oh Whatta Leo             
  26th 17.893                 Fran McCoy on Lenas Smooth Bourbon            
  27th 18.000                 Ashley Smallwood on Friendly Fury             
  28th 18.011                 Mary Vroman on Main Cosmo                     
  29th 18.070                 Samantha Gross on Sheza Shawnee First         
  30th 18.200                 Monet Drolc on Raging Fury                    
  31st 18.267                 Carol Malson on EZ Playsguns Ransom           
  32nd 18.353                 Ashley Boyer on Czech Me Out                  
  33rd 18.402                 Annabelle Martin on Tally                     
  34th 18.455                 Kaylee Williams on Buddy                      
  35th 18.542                 Catherine Watson on Frenchman's Frosty Gold   
  36th 18.581                 Stephanie Newman on Guys Love Paris           
  37th 18.655                 Devin Cordova on Jasmine                      
  38th 18.912                 Libi Susag on Lady Ursa Roll                  
  39th 19.421                 Rose Hildebrandt on Wantastreakerrebate       
  40th 19.690                 Jessica Meredith on Jet Set Fame              
  41st 20.041                 Hope Sickler on SR My Super Cora              
  42nd 20.243                 Cami Bauer on TS Dashen to the Sun            
  43rd 23.470                 Carey Mackey on Packin Chico                  
SCR    400.000                Crystal Hershey on Six Pack To Go             
N/T    401.657                Dee Haugen on Dashin For The Guys             
N/T    401.735                Roxanne Ripley on RR French Silk Pie          
N/T    415.618                Brianna Braun on DG Beduino Shuffle           
N/T    415.669                Annaliese Allhouse on Yo Fixers Rocket        
N/T    415.705         1462   Jaime Merrill on Guys Piece of the Pie        
N/T    415.854                Megan Belus on Juniour                        
N/T    415.991                Devin Cordova on Lizzy                        
N/T    416.117                Ginger La Duke on CC A Fancy Lil Chick        
N/T    416.161                Lacy Maher on Sweet French Lady               
N/T    416.218                Melissa Brandt on Guys VooDoo Rocket          
N/T    416.241                Linda Hunter on So Never French               
N/T    416.377                Jordyn McNamee on Dashers Punk                
N/T    416.490                Shirlee Kaczmarek on Royal Lance Hughes       
N/T    416.496         1462   Jaime Merrill on Dashin Dandy Dixie           
N/T    416.719                Lacey Luna on Beduino San Badger              
N/T    416.740                Whitney Sprunk on Tuckers Blue Dancer         
N/T    417.059                Lora Lee on Changes is Here                   
N/T    417.192                Annaliese Allhouse on Oprhan                  
N/T    417.353                Lori Robinson on Spratts PacMan Fame          
N/T    417.404                Audra McCorkle on Mudslide                    
N/T    417.417                Hannah Montey on Specialfightforfame          
N/T    417.562                Sue Fortner on Dash of Secret Spice           
5:43 PM 05/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.4               Page 5  
                        NWBRA Jackpot in BRR Open Sunday                    
                 Race Sponsored by: Barrel Racing Report                    
N/T    417.749                Jill Jarrad on Bullied On A Holiday           
N/T    417.827                Rachel Bothwell on CC Blue Olena              
N/T    418.230                Maddie Eskew on KC                            
N/T    420.833                Ashley Day on Exceptionally Yours             
N/T    421.118                Jennifer Hiler on Miss Prairie Fire           
N/T    421.223                Pam Nelson on Guys Dashing Girl               
N/T    421.239                Wendy Greenough on TOS Red Shine              
N/T    421.310                Lora Nichols on Famous French Toast           
N/T    421.395                Amber West on All Warm N Fuzzy                
N/T    421.503                Annaliese Allhouse on Geniune Diamond Doc     
N/T    421.664                Wendy Greenough on Rare Irish Cream           
N/T    421.692                Brianna Braun on Tres Lane                    
N/T    421.778                Rachel Bothwell on Easy Flica 0100            
N/T    421.877                Cydney Peterson on Oh What A Frenchman        
N/T    422.014                Heather Bauman on Came Upon Royalty           
N/T    422.025                De Ann McNamee on So Naturally French         
N/T    422.120                Chris Gibson on Miss Safechoice               
N/T    426.536                Libi Susag on Kiliman Jaro Girl               
N/T    426.803                Heather Bauman on TF Dusty Tivio              
N/T    429.534                Crystal Hershey on Famous One Night Stand     
N/T    431.097                Ashley Day on Bullets Poker Face              
N/T    433.144                Karen Johnston on Cash For CD's               
N/T    433.629                Monet Drolc on Frenchmans Chica               
N/T    449.261                Catherine Watson on Twisted Buttercup